Celebrating College of Arts and Sciences Students

Celebrating College of Arts and Sciences students at the 20th Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors Day

Throughout the day on April 27, 2017, Appalachian State undergraduate and graduate students presented 190 abstracts in both poster and oral communication formats. The student presentations represented over 28 different academic departments and 98 Faculty Mentors. The top 3 posters in each category (graduate and undergraduate) were recognized and given awards. The Office of Student Research (https://osr.appstate.edu) hosts this event.

This year all 6 student awards, 3 in undergraduate and 3 in graduate presentations were our students along with the Undergraduate Research Mentorship Excellence Award Winner, faculty member Dr. Andy Heckert, Department of Geology.

We wanted to share the many types of research our students are up to and the wonderful news of this end of semester event. Many Congratulations to our students and Dr. Heckert!

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Student: Brittany DeVasure
Mentor: Maryam Ahmend, Biology
Abstract Title: Oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus alters cancer cell invasion mechanisms

Student: Sean Daly
Mentor: Chris Thaxton, Environmental Science
Abstract Title: Physical and chemical analysis of urbanization effects on mountain stream, Boone Creek

Student: Nickolas Brand
Mentor: Andrew Heckert, Geology
Abstract Title: The microvertebrate fossil assemblage of the upper cretaceous (Campanian Maastrichtian) Williams Fork formation, western Colorado, J&M site



Student: Heather Guy
Mentor: Baker Perry, Geography and Planning
Abstract Title: Storm-scale variations of water isotopes in the tropical high Andes: Using observations and modeling to improve ice core palaeoclimate reconstruction

Student: Montana Eck
Mentor: Baker Perry, Geography and Planning
Abstract Title: Winter climate variability and trends in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, 1895-2017

Student: Brewer Logan
Mentor: Darren Seals, Biology
Abstract Title: Investing the role Tks5 plays on invadopodia formation and cancer metastasis through molecular signaling paradigms