Multicultural Student Development Student Centers

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Multicultural Student Development (MSD) serves all students with a particular focus on students from underrepresented backgrounds. The office oversees three student centers: the Henderson Springs LGBT Center, the Multicultural Center, and the Women’s Center.


The Henderson Springs LGBT Center

The LGBT Center offers a great deal of emotional support to students on campus through dedicated desk-shift volunteers and staff. In addition to that support, there are a large amount of educational opportunities sponsored by the LGBT Center. The center provides workshops and classes related to current issues in the LGBT community. One regularly offered workshop is LGBT 101: Creating Brave Spaces. This workshop is dedicated to educating the campus community about LGBT+ identities and helping the campus understand the community better. The center also provides opportunities for recognizing the challenges of the LGBT community including Transgender Day of Remembrance, Pride, Candlelight Vigil, and Day of Silence.

Multicultural Center

This has been a productive and exciting year for the Multicultural Center. There was an influx of new volunteers who were excited about being a part of the Multicultural Student Development as a whole. These amazing volunteers gave of their time and participated in numerous programs. The multicultural center, previously viewed as more of a social center, revamped their approach to student support and success. This included a refocus on programming about current events impacting campus; mental health and self-care rose to the top, along with a weekly coffee hour. The weekly coffee hour brought in presenters from multiple student groups and departments.


The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center often completes amazing education and supportive programming and this year is no different. Every year the desk-shift volunteers dedicate some of their time and effort to a breast cancer related effort. This year they chose to use a weekly time in the center to knit prosthetic breasts which were passed on to women affected by breast cancer. In addition to this weekly event, the center collaborated with the Boone community to present LunaFest; a film festival creating awareness of women’s issues. One of the major programs presented this year was their Rape Culture Awareness Week. This large scale program provided many opportunities throughout the week for the campus to become more aware of rape culture as it exists on campus and what prevention is possible.