Upcoming Networking & Career Fair Opportunity: September 27 Business Connections


The Walker College of Business hosts three career fairs designed for business majors in Peacock Hall each year–the semi-annual RMI Career Fair, the annual Business Connections event, and, newly planned for 2018, the annual Graduate Programs Career Fair. The first to take place this academic year is both the largest and most relevant to a variety of majors. The fifth annual Business Connections, scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, will provide a forum to interact and develop connections with the business community including:

  • 60+ recruiting employers fulfilling internship and full time positions
  • 35+ panel format workshops that cover current industry trends, career and professional skills and leadership development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Professional photos for all attendees at no cost
  • Idea and knowledge sharing

Online registration is now open for students: https://businessleadership.appstate.edu/wbc. Volunteer opportunities exist. Questions? Amy Odom, odomah1@appstate.edu.