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Parents: Protect Yourselves and Boone Neighborhoods

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Are you considering buying a home or apartment in Boone for your student, or do you currently own rental property in town? If so, please be aware that the Town of Boone has a strict zoning ordinance that prohibits more than two unrelated people from residing in R-zoned districts (which include most neighborhoods in and around Appalachians campus). The purpose of the ordinance is to keep Boone neighborhoods safe and intact. If tenants and/or owners are in violation of this ordinance, fines can range up to $200/day until the tenants move out. Please be aware of this ordinance before you make plans to purchase property. For more information about zoning, contact Christy Turner in the Town of Boone Planning and Inspections Department at 828-268-6960 or

If you own rental property in town, you also need to be aware of the Town of Boones noise ordinance. This ordinance holds landlords responsible for noise citations if tenants repeatedly violate it. Fines can range from $100-$500 for landlords. However, if you review the noise ordinance with your tenants by including a clause in your lease contract, you will be exempt from these fines. For more information about the Town of Boone noise ordinance, visit Appalachians off-campus website summary of the ordinance

On or off-Campus Housing for Fall 2012: What Does My Student Need to Consider?

The Office of Off-Campus Community Relations, the Student Legal Clinic, and University Housing have partnered to help walk your students through the process of exploring housing options and securing housing for Fall 2012.  Please encourage your students to register for one of these Find Your Match Housing Options programs.  We will discuss issues related to both on and off-campus housing, including timeframes and procedures for obtaining housing, cost, location, utilities, contracts, roommate choices, etc.  Sign up now at

The Find Your Match Housing Programs are offered from 12-1pm in the Watauga River Room of the Student Union on the following dates/times:

Tuesday November 1
Thursday November 3
Wednesday November 9
Friday November 11
Tuesday November 15
Thursday November 17
Tuesday November 29
Thursday December 1
Wednesday January 18
Thursday January 19
Wednesday January 23
Friday January 24
Tuesday February 1
Thursday February 3

For more information about on-campus housing, contact University Housing at 828-262-6111 or visit For more information about off-campus housing resources, contact the Office of Off-Campus Community Relations at 828-262-8284 or visit

On-campus housing is not guaranteed so prepare with off-campus housing options!

EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS (October, November 2011)
Students attend the Find Your Match Housing Program & explore on and off-campus housing options for fall 2012. Register at

TALK IT OVER (December 2011)
Students discuss fall 2011 on and off-campus housing options with their families over the winter break. Students are also sent reapplication emails for on-campus housing.

DECIDE & APPLY (January 2012)
On-Campus Housing:
Students who wish to live on campus during the 2012-13 academic year should reapply for housing through University Housing in January by filling out the online application.
*On-campus housing is not guaranteed, so develop an off-campus back-up plan!

Off-Campus Housing:
Because on-campus housing is not guaranteed, students should look for off-campus housing in the event that they do not receive an on-campus housing assignment. Local rental companies begin signing contracts for fall 2012 rentals in January. Students attend the Find Your Match Housing Program to learn more about how to prepare.

On-Campus Housing:
Students watch for a University Housing email in their ASU account & confirm their space immediately if given a room on-campus.

Off-Campus Housing:
Students attend the Housing Fair on February 1st from 10am-2pm in the Student Union, International Hallway and the Find Your Match Housing Program ( to learn more about off-campus living.

APPLY QUICKLY! (March 2012)
On-Campus Housing:
University Housing will still be notifying students if they receive on campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing:
Students who do not receive on-campus housing or who want to live off-campus, should sign off-campus
rental contracts in order to insure that they secure all of their preferences (such as cost & location).

For more information visit and

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