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Noticing Different Moods in Your Children?

Counseling Services

A change in weather can often relate to a change in mood. Cold weather, lack of sunshine, more time indoors, less physical activity can all contribute to what some people refer to as winter blues or seasonal affective disorder.  If you notice a significant down shift in mood  with your son or daughter, withdrawal/social isolation, irritability,  and/or a change in behavior (ie. appetite, sleep patterns, study skills, substance use), you may check in with them and talk with them some about how the winter season may be impacting them in a negative way. The campus Counseling Center is available to help. Visit our website for more information in regard to our services at or call 828-262-3180. You may also go to our website and click on online screenings to assess for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues to help determine if your son or daughter would benefit from our services.

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