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Mandatory Health Service Information

Mandatory Immunization Requirements: We must have these important forms, in their entirety, prior to 30 days after the start of class (to avoid being administratively withdrawn). The deadline for these forms is December 15th. Please confirm with the student by having them verify a check mark on their First Connections website confirming this record has been received and that the student is showing as compliant as to all required immunizations.

Also, please remember to include the Report of Medical History Form.

To obtain a copy of the Immunization and Medical Forms, go to to download the PDF printable copies for health and immunization forms. Once the forms have been completed, mail to: M.S. Shook Student Health Service, Appalachian State University, 614 Howard Street, ASU Box 32070, Boone, NC 28608-2070, Attn: Medical Records.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements:

Beginning with the 2011-12 academic year, any main campus student enrolled in a degree-seeking program at Appalachian State University for six or more semester hours and is eligible to pay the student health fee, must provide proof of a creditable health insurance policy online. Any student who meets the criteria and has an existing creditable coverage health insurance policy is able to waive out of the UNC system plan online. For instructions on how to complete the waiver, enroll or renew process please see below.

New Students (Freshman & Transfers):

To Waive out, please visit and click on Health Insurance Requirements. Scroll down the page until you locate on the left side Waive in the Gold box and click here. Follow the prompts to submit your insurance information. Make sure to click Save or Continue at the bottom of each page in order to successfully submit your waiver request. Pearce & Pearce will send updates to your ASU email account soon after you submit the waiver regarding the status of your request. A response to a waiver request typically will be made within 3-5 business days once the verification process begins in November. Charges for the health insurance premium will automatically be reversed once the waiver has been approved.

To Enroll with Pearce & Pearce, please visit and click on Health Insurance Requirements. Scroll down the page until you locate on the left side Enroll in the Gold box and click here. Answer the brief Questionnaire and follow the prompts to enroll. Insurance cards are mailed out daily unless you select the Option to GO GREEN, in which case you will print your own card.

Continuing Students To Renew Waiver or Renew Enrollment:

If you are a continuing student and have already set up an account with Pearce & Pearce go to and click on Health Insurance Requirement. Scroll down the page until you locate on the left side Renew in the Gold box and click here to access your account and select either Renew Waiver or Renew Enrollment.


Newly enrolled freshman, transfer and continuing students who have not provided proof of insurance by the start of Spring classes will be charged $392.00 a semester for health insurance provided by Pearce & Pearce, the company that was selected by the UNC Board of Governors to provide medical insurance system wide. The charge will be reflected on your student account. Proof of insurance must be submitted no later than January 31, 2012 to avoid paying the health insurance premium.

Uninsured students may choose to purchase a policy from a creditable provider or they can participate in the UNC system-sponsored plan. For more information, please visit

If questions regarding the above: Contact Health Services

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