The Freeman Family

Freeman Family

The Freemans

Garden and Beverly Freeman live in Raleigh, NC in the home where Beverly was raised.  Both Garden and Beverly are alumni of North Carolina State University.  Garden has worked at NCSU for over 32 years in Facilities Management.  In 2010 Beverly started her own consultancy specializing in affirmative action plan development for federal contractors.  Their son, Alexander, decided to apply to Appalachian having never toured the campus.  While on a school holiday in Boone in early 2014, and on a snowy day, he found out he had been accepted to Appalachian.  The snow must have been an omen as one of his primary reasons for wanting to come to Appalachian and Boone was his love of snow and winter sports. Thankfully the school also has a rigorous curriculum for him as he majors in Business Management.  Since coming to Appalachian, Alex has joined a fraternity and made lasting friendships.  We are thrilled in his choice which gives us a chance to visit Boone often.  It was only natural that we would want to be involved in the Parent Association where we could learn and grow with the group, both as newcomers to the university and advocates for all of the resources available to students and their families.  Our experience throughout the orientation process and as members of the Parent Board has exceeded all expectations.  We look forward to the coming years as our son learns and grows through the Mountaineer community, and as we have the opportunity to share our positive experiences with others.

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