Career Development

Parents are one of the most important influences on career choices. Your students career success and satisfaction depend on a careful, systematic exploration starting at the very beginning of college. Who are they? What do they want to do? Where do they want to go? How will they get there? Working together, you can equip them with the skills to achieve their dreams.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers counseling on self-managed career development, experiential learning, and personal marketing strategies. Their resources provide job and internship leads, as well as tools for career and employer research, resume and letter writing, and interviewing skills. They offer workshops, job fairs, and on-campus recruiting each semester.

Additionally, they offer counseling and computer-based guidance for self-assessment, career exploration and decision making via Peer Career, a satellite office operated jointly with the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

How to Help Your Student Find a Career


  • Am I allowing my son/daughter the freedom to have new experiences?
  • Do I encourage the exploration of new ideas, experiences and occupations without being pushy?
  • Am I willing to support ideas and values which are different from my own?
  • Do I really listen to what my son/daughter tells me?
  • Am I positive and supportive when my son/daughter makes a poor decision or fails?
  • Do I compliment my son/daughter on his/her good points and accomplishments?


  • Do I talk openly and honestly about my current job, including pros and cons?
  • Do I take the time to discuss various occupations with my son/daughter?
  • Do I encourage my son/daughter to research and explore careers of interest, referring him/her to appropriate resources?

Personal Insights

  • Do I help my son/daughter to objectively look at his/her strengths and weaknesses and suggest how they might relate to various careers?
  • Do I discuss the challenges, victories and lessons from my own career development history?
  • Do I help my son/daughter identify careers for which he/she would be well-suited?


  • Am I willing to refer my son/daughter to friends and acquaintances who might discuss their occupations with him/her?
  • Am I willing to actively help my son/daughter find an internship or summer/part-time/volunteer job that will help him/her explore a potential career field?
  • Would I allow my son/daughter to use my personal and professional contacts to find employment after graduation?


  • Do I encourage activities that promote career development?
  • Am I willing to assist my son/daughter in setting reasonable goals, and to him/her accountable for meeting these goals?
  • Do I ask questions that will encourage my son/daughters further career information seeking?

(Checklist adapted by Lenz and ONeal, Florida State University)

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