Chancellor Everts’ message to parents and family

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Fall semester is in full swing and your students are settling into their classes, which are rigorous and designed to push them to think critically and creatively. The beginning of each semester is always a good time to remind students of the robust resources our university provides to help them succeed.

These offerings — many of them guided by our stellar faculty — include early academic interventions, wellness and prevention services, financial aid assistance and career counseling, and contribute to Appalachian’s impressive retention rate, which is well above the national average. We help students establish a foundation for success that lasts a lifetime.

Appalachian promotes learning inside and outside the classroom. We recently hosted our annual Founders Day and Health, Wellness and Safety Week events, and throughout the year we heavily promote the Appalachian Cares website. We hope you will visit this important clearinghouse for health, wellness and safety resources, and encourage your students to keep it close at hand as well.

We also present a full slate of “beyond-the-classroom” learning opportunities for students. For a sampling of programs, events and news, visit Appalachian Today.

We want you to feel connected to the Appalachian Community, which strives to create a welcoming and supportive environment in which your students not just learn, but thrive. Please consider joining us for Family Weekend, Sept. 27–29, for a real-time snapshot of campus life.

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Sheri Everts SignatureSheri Everts

At Appalachian, we put students first, always, and together we are building a bright future. Ultimately, the reason Appalachian’s stellar faculty and staff come to work every day is to realize this vision.

Safety Message

Last week, we presented our annual Health, Wellness and Safety Week programming on campus, which included several pro-active outreach events and activities for students who live on and off campus. The goal of the event is to enhance students’ knowledge of on- and off-campus support services and resources for health and safety efforts. Programming included a “town hall” style presentation of resources and services, a festival on Sanford Mall with interactive exhibits and demonstrations, and our annual “House Calls” visits to approximately 2,000 off-campus residences, during which volunteers provide students with information promoting healthy behaviors that support student success.

We have a robust team of professionals who engage in education for students, prevention work, support and “post-vention” work – in residence halls, clubs and organizations and through numerous other outreach efforts to students. Our Office of Wellness and Prevention Services coordinates regular and consistent education and prevention programming. Additionally, Counseling & Psychological Services, Title IX Compliance, Appalachian Police Department and Student Conduct office all provide different types and levels of assistance and support to the university community.

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Help Your Student Navigate Roommate Relationships

University Housing

Joining our parent move-in volunteers, over 400 faculty, staff, students, and community members helped move all our students in during move-in weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped make the event so successful! Now that everyone is here, fall semester is a busy time in University Housing. Please read below to learn more about all the processes that will happen between now and December.

Helping Your Student Navigate Roommate Relationships

Back in July, all our residence hall students were anxious to hear who their roommates would be for the upcoming year. Now, everyone is settling into the halls and learning how to live with each other. For some, this will be an exciting experience with more highs than lows. For others, it can be frustrating or overshadowed by anxiety. Whatever your student’s experience may be, you can help him or her create a positive roommate relationship.

  1. Set Expectations – The first step in creating a positive living environment is to create expectations. University Housing requires all roommates to complete roommate agreement forms. The purpose of these forms is to initiate conversations between roommates about the “rules” for their room. Are guests allowed over? If so, how long? How late can the TV be on each night? What things can we share? What is off limits? Some questions may seem silly to residents, but unless they have a conversation, they are not going to know the other person’s perspective about a situation. Maybe one roommate comes from a home where he has 5 siblings and shared everything, but his roommate is an only child who hasn’t had the opportunity to share his space with anyone. These two students will likely need to compromise to create a living environment that is comfortable for both of them.

  2. Embrace Conflict – There is no better way to learn and develop in college than through conflict. As parents/guardians, we want the best for our children and hate to see them struggle. It feels really good to jump in and solve their problems; however, that doesn’t always teach our students the skills they’ll need to be successful in life. When your student is struggling with her roommate, challenge her to embrace the conflict. Has she spoken to her roommate about the problem? Does the roommate understand her perspective and does she understand the roommate’s perspective? Have they been able to develop a plan to address the situation? What are their next steps? How will they know the conflict is resolved? By helping your student through this process, you’ll not only be helping her resolve the situation, but you’ll also be teaching her problem solving skills.

  3. Ask for Help – Sometimes roommates need help solving their problems. Oftentimes, they will come to you for guidance and support. Your support is invaluable to them. It’s important to know that you have a team in each residence hall that is on your side in supporting your student. Each student has a Resident Assistant (RA). The RA’s primary job is to care about your student. The RA can talk to your student about the problem, offer advice, listen, mediate conflicts, offer campus resources, explain room change processes, or anything else your student may need. The RA lives on your student’s floor and can be reached daily by stopping by his/her room. There are additional RAs available each night at the front desk from 8pm-12am. If the roommates cannot solve the problem with the assistance of the RA, there is a Hall Supervisor that lives in each building who can provide additional resources and support. Hall Supervisors hold office hours in the building each week. Encourage your student to use the staff who are there to support them.

  4. Communicate – The most important skill in any situation is communication. Encourage your student to maintain open communication with his roommate. This will help avoid many conflicts, and when needed, it will help solve them. As our students work to become independent adults, they will continuously develop their communication skills. Encourage this development while embracing the conflict that is providing the opportunity to grow!

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Important Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid


The fall 2019 semester is in full swing! We look forward to assisting you and your students with any questions related to the FAFSA and financial aid process. Our team is dedicated to providing help and support throughout the entire year.

2018-2019 Verification Deadline

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Updates from Student Health Service

SHS logo


Appointment updates:

We realize that at times it is difficult to get timely appointments. In response, we are implementing some new initiatives.

  • More appointments have been added in the afternoon.

  • If you cannot get an appointment as soon as you need, there are more work-in slots added from 8-12. You will be seen by a registered nurse and if needed, a provider.

  • While we continue the search to fill our physician vacancy, we are adding two additional per diem providers to assist with work-in appointments.

  • We have altered our weekend hours to provide broader accessibility for student who need us urgently on the weekends. We are now open 8 - 11 am both Saturday and Sunday.

  • We are adding more nurse protocols such that routine testing can be done by performed by registered nurses, freeing providers for student appointments and urgent work-ins.

This is an on-going process and we appreciate your patience and feedback.

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Academic Advising and Class Registration for Spring 2019

Academic Advising banner

Greetings Appalachian Parents! We are having a beautiful start to the fall season in the High Country and that means football, soccer, hiking, biking, fall leaves and, of course, studying! It is also time for ACADEMIC ADVISING and REGISTRATION for SPRING CLASSES!

Academic Advising for University College Students:

Students who have not declared their majors are advised in University College (UC). UC students who are REQUIRED to meet with an advisor prior to class registration are:

  • Freshmen (less than 30 earned semester hours)

  • New Students: Transfers, Early College, and Freshmen

  • Students with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA

  • Juniors and (60+ earned hours) Seniors (90+ earned hours) who are eligible to declare their majors and have been at Appalachian for at least one semester

UC students who are not required to be advised are certainly encouraged to meet with an advisor to stay on track. UC students can make an advising appointment on AppalNet or by calling the UC Academic Advising Center at (828) 262-2167. Students who are advised in the Student Learning Center or in the Honors College should follow the specific instructions from their advisors regarding appointments.

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Get to Know the Career Development Center!

The Career Development Center is excited to welcome you to the fall 2019 semester! We have planned many opportunities this fall to support your student in their journey toward career readiness, and as a significant influencer in their life, we hope that you will encourage them to take advantage of the valuable resources and activities available.

Our mission in the Career Development Center is to encourage students to explore career paths, identify and develop skills, and pursue experiential opportunities. We believe that this process begins from a student’s first day on campus and continues to evolve throughout their academic career. So, whether your student is brand new to campus, or is further along in their studies at Appalachian, it’s never too early (or too late) to begin planning for a meaningful and fulfilling career. The earlier a student engages with the Career Development Center, the stronger they will be in terms of their self-efficacy to explore their passions and strengths, demonstrate career management skills, develop a professional network, and analyze career options. We have a wonderful team of professionals who are eager to help your Mountaineer navigate the process, and we look forward to hearing from them. Has your student made an appointment with a career counselor yet? If not, please encourage them to get in touch with us.

Want to learn more? We are pleased to have been recognized recently on Appalachian Today for our work to prepare students at all stages of their college career in developing career readiness skills. Please take a moment to read the article and learn more about who we are and the broad range of services that we offer to students. Also, check out the line-up of our upcoming events below. Students are encouraged to attend a minimum of 5 career related events per year. To help them track their progress and reflect on what they are learning, we recently rolled out our Mountaineer Career Passport. Has your student picked up their copy yet? If not, tell them to stop by the Career Development Center today! We are located on the 3rd Floor of the JET building.

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University Recreation – Kicking off Fall Semester!

We have kicked off another year here at University Recreation! Read below to find out about our first event of the semester, UREC Fest, and all of our exciting upcoming events!

For any questions related to University Recreation, visit our website at or call us at 828-262-2100.

UREC Fest Tee


What an exciting time the students had a UREC Fest! We gave away subs and cookies that Subway generously provided and cookies from Insomnia Cookies. Along with all that food we also had shirts, buttons, Insomnia Cookies coupons, and an awesome Stick Boy Bread Company mug with goodies inside to give away! It was a great turnout!

Kayak class


  • Students can check out a variety of program opportunities in the pool! Outdoor Programs has Kayak Roll Clinics and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Clinics! We also offer Group Fitness classes for Deep Water Aerobics and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga!
  • Children's swim lessons for fall semester second session will begin on Monday, October 21st. Deadline to register is Thursday, October 17, 2019. The registration form may be found on the
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Upcoming Events from the ACT Office

Big Sale

Thanks to all those who came to the Big Sale! This year was a record breaking year for fundraising with over $30,000! All of the funds raised will go to energy efficiency grants for Ashe County Sharing Center, Hospitality House, F.A.R.M Cafe, and High Country Food Hub.

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Transfer Student Mentors help welcome new transfers

Welcome Transfer Students

The Office of Transfer Services works closely with 15 Transfer Student Mentors to aid other transfer students through the transitional process of transferring to Appalachian. Each mentor is a transfer student themselves so they understand the questions, concerns and needs of new transfer students. The Transfer Student Mentors help welcome admitted transfer students during Transfer Pre-Orientation Program (T-POP) and Orientation throughout the summer, answer questions and concerns on our Appalachian State Transfers Facebook page, attend Welcome Weekend and Transfer Services student events, communicate with new students during their first few weeks of classes to ensure they are acclimating to Appalachian well, and call newly admitted students from partner community colleges the semester before they transfer. This personal attention helps ease the barriers transfer students sometimes encounter as they make their way to a new academic environment. Our Mentors will also meet individually with new transfers that may have questions or are having trouble connecting socially. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every new transfer student makes a successful transition to Appalachian and becomes a happy Mountaineer!

Your student can connect with our mentors through

Preservation Hall Jazz Band opens the 2019-20 “The Schaefer Center Presents…” Performing Arts

PHJBCourtyard DannyClinch

Appalachian State University’s performing arts series, “The Schaefer Center Presents…”, kicks off its 2019-20 season with a high-energy concert by the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band (PHJB) on Friday, Sept. 27 at 8pm at the Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts. Preservation Hall Jazz Band has held the torch of New Orleans music aloft for more than 50 years, all the while carrying it enthusiastically forward as a reminder that the history the septet was founded to preserve is a vibrantly living history. Rolling Stone magazine calls the dynamic group “the past and promise of America music.”

“When we play music, the barometer for us as a band is whether the locals are reacting,” says bandleader/composer/bassist Ben Jaffe. “In New Orleans we play music for dances and parades, funerals and church. It’s important to us to make music people connect to, that people dance to, that people really feel, emotionally and physically. That’s the tradition we grew up with, that’s what we know."

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Food Resource Hub & Free Store

Any member of the Appalachian family who has food insecurity issues is welcome to visit us at the Food Resource Hub in East Hall, from 8:30am-5:00pm M-F, or at any of the other locations. These are in the Student Access Office in DD Dougherty, the James Center in RCOE, and Garwood Hall. Visit the website at for guidelines, resources, and ways to get involved.Food Resources


Construction Updates on Campus involving the College of Arts & Sciences


In October 2018, the UNC Board of Governors authorized $18 million for the renovation project of Sanford Hall. Work on the building began this summer and will run to January 2021. LS3P Associates and Stanford White Engineering were selected for the project’s design. The Department of English, in the meantime, will be housed in Edwin Duncan Hall on campus. The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures moved over to L.S. Dougherty, on Sanford Mall, after completing renovations this summer and will now be the sole department in that building.

To read more about the many projects happening on our campus this year, visit or check in with this weekly podcast for regular construction updates: To orient yourself from on or off campus, see this new interactive map:

Let’s Get Building with App Builds A Home!


App Builds a Home is a campus-wide partnership with Watauga County Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a local family in need.

Project updates: We have a partner family! The Barkers - Amy, David and 2 kids Nathan and Kali. They are already putting in their sweat equity at the current Habitat house and are very excited about starting construction on their house! We hit the halfway mark with Fundraising! Thanks to an in-kind donation of framing materials, we're at $30,000! We will all be working hard this semester to reach the $60,000 goal! Each and every donation moves us closer! The IDEX program in the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment finished the house design! The students did an awesome job on the design. It's going to look great!

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Common Reading, Open House, and Just Mercy

Don Presnell

Hola, App families. I hope the new academic year is off to a great start and that you haven’t been too hasty in starting your she-sheds and man-caves. Last month, I spoke about Just Mercy, this year’s Common Reading selection for incoming students. Let me repeat my first paragraph from last month’s piece:

I trust that your incoming students have been reading Just Mercy, our Common Reading selection for this academic year. Hopefully, you have had a chance to borrow their copy—I’m betting it wasn’t a major struggle—and read it yourself. It is a timely, important, and relevant book that will engage readers on a number of levels.

Now that September is here, please put two items on your calendars. First off is the University’s Fall Open House on Saturday, September 14. It’s a big event, and I’ll be there with a table for the Common Reading Program. I just might have some goodies with me, so stop by and say “Hola, Dr. Don” and I’ll see what I can do. Really. You can also check out my new Common Reading banner/display; it’s beautiful!

Also, remember that three days later on Tuesday, September 17, 7 p.m., Just Mercy author Bryan Stevenson will be speaking at the Holmes Convocation Center. This is going to be an amazing event, especially if you’ve read the book. Stevenson is a speaker not to be missed, so make every effort to attend.

September 17 is also Constitution Day…and my birthday. Really. Remember when you were a kid and you just had to be older than your friends, even if only by a day? I’m not like that anymore.

Take care…

Don PresnellDr. Don Presnell
Director, Common Reading Program
Lecturer, First Year Seminar

App State Athletics and the Yosef Club

Athletics Logo

Parents and friends, 

Don’t forget about the opportunity to join the Yosef Club!  Member benefits for include parking and seating are available through the Yosef Club. The Yosef Club is the fundraising arm of the athletics department that supports over 450 Mountaineer student-athletes!

App State students can also get involved and receive great benefits!

Football single game tickets:

It’s also time to start thinking about men’s and women’s basketball. 


The Yosef Club
Phone: (828) 262-3108