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Chancellor Everts in China 2018Chancellor Sheri Everts and delegates from Appalachian met with President You Xuqun, fourth from right, and other dignitaries from Shaanxi Normal University during a recent trip to China.

Last month, I wrote to you about our commitment to global learning. Many of you have students who are studying or have studied abroad. Recently, I had the chance to visit and bolster our relationships with other global leaders in higher education.

I just returned from an excursion to China, accompanied by University of North Carolina Board of Governors member Philip Byers, Appalachian State University Board of Trustees Vice Chair John Blackburn, Student Affairs Vice Chancellor J.J. Brown and other delegates from Appalachian. We visited universities with which we have longstanding relationships — including Beijing International Studies University and Shaanxi Normal University.

For more than 20 years, Appalachian has had healthy and productive engagements with universities worldwide — from Brazil to Mexico to Australia — and we are eager to continue and expand these types of collaborations.

In fact, several of our faculty were in Russia in mid-March opening doors to a partnership at NovSU — the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education, also known as Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University.

In a flattening global landscape, Appalachian is an active partner in the international network of higher education. The relationships we are building worldwide will open many doors for our graduates. Because of their experience here, your students will be better prepared not only to function but to contribute in a world that is increasingly interconnected and multicultural.

Scholarships and other support underpin these valuable experiences. #iBackAPP Day is April 19. This one-day fund drive supports the university’s unrestricted annual fund. The Appalachian Fund combines gifts large and small from thousands of alumni, students, parents and friends to support more than 70 areas across Appalachian’s campus, many of which impact your student’s day-to-day life here.

As parents and families of current students, you are already making a huge contribution to our university. Thank you. 

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Sheri Everts SignatureSheri Everts

At Appalachian, we put students first, always, and together we are building a bright future. Ultimately, the reason Appalachian’s stellar faculty and staff come to work every day is to realize this vision.

University Housing

University Housing

Residence Hall Closing

The residence halls will close on Friday, May 11, 2018. All students are expected to leave 24 hours after their last final or by 12pm on Friday, May 11th. Please make plans now to be able to assist your student with moving out if necessary. Graduating students should contact their Residence Director to discuss their check-out time. Housing is NOT available between Spring closing and Summer Session I move-in; please make alternative arrangements.

All residence hall floors will be conducting check out meetings prior to May 1. Please encourage your student to attend so they are informed of all check out requirements and avoid charges to their account for damages or improper check outs.

Applications open for incoming freshmen

Applications to live on campus (required for incoming freshmen who will graduate high school this year, regardless of credit hours) are now available through students’ admissions portal as well as at

New incoming students can also apply for a Residential Learning Community (RLC) during this process. For more information on RLC options, please visit

Summer School Housing

The application for summer housing (sessions 1 & 2) is available at Housing for summer 2018 will be in White Hall.

Service Desks’ Break Hours

The Service Desks are preparing for the end of the year. The desks will accept packages until Reading Day (May 3). Students can continue to pick up packages and check out keys until the desks close on Friday, May 11 at 5pm. If you send your student packages for finals, please be sure to send it before the deadline to ensure they receive it before halls close. Remember that Service Desks are unable to accept perishables.

Housing Contract Cancellations

Is your student considering cancelling their Housing Contract for the fall? Any student who wishes to be released from their Residence Hall License Contract must submit a request from their Appalachian email account to University Housing at Requests should include the student’s full name and banner ID. Students who cancel their Housing Contracts by June 30 will be charged $250. All students who cancel their contracts on or after July 1 will be responsible for the housing fees for the entire Fall semester. Please make sure your student is aware of the penalties before making their decision. For questions about this or any other topics covered, please call 828-262-2160.

Students withdrawing from the University may cancel their contract without penalty. Withdrawals notifications are accepted from the Registrar’s office (continuing students) or the office of Admissions (freshmen). Please see your Residence Hall License Contract for more information.

Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Summer Sessions 2018

The summer 2018 online Financial Aid Application will be available on March 7th under the financial aid tab in AppalNet. In order for summer 2018 financial aid eligibility to be determined before summer classes begin, students need to complete this application, as well as be sure they have completed the 2017-2018 FAFSA (and have Appalachian listed as a school to receive their FAFSA using school code 002906). If changes need to be made to your student’s summer school application after it has been fully submitted, please advise them to contact our office. They will need to work with a financial aid counselor to make changes.

If your student is planning to participate in a summer study abroad trip, they will need to complete the Summer Study Abroad Agreement Form in lieu of the online summer school application.

Eligible students who have completed the 2018 Summer Sessions Financial Aid Application will be notified of their summer 2018 financial aid award beginning in early-April.

2018-2019 FAFSA

Students are encouraged to submit their 2018-2019 FAFSA as soon as possible to optimize their eligibility for financial aid. Students may apply electronically at

To complete the FAFSA for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, you will use income and tax information from 2016. We encourage you and your student to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, which is built into the FAFSA and allows you to import IRS data directly into the FAFSA. Please have your student monitor their Financial Aid tab within AppalNet to ensure that there are no outstanding verification documents requested. This is important because a financial aid award cannot be created until the verification process is complete. If your student has been selected for verification and you have questions about the verification requirements, feel free to contact our office.

Awarding of Financial Aid for 2018-2019

The Office of Student Financial Aid is loading 2018-2019 FAFSAs from the Department of Education’s Central Processing System as they are received. Awarding 2018-2019 financial aid to new freshman, new transfer, and new graduate students began on March 5, 2017. Currently enrolled students will be awarded financial aid beginning in early-April. Please visit our website for regular updates and continue to remind your student to monitor the Financial Aid tab in their AppalNet account for updates on any outstanding requirements and award information.

Office of Student Financial Aid
Phone: (828) 262-2190

Spring 2018 Commencement

Graduate hatAre you the parent of a graduating senior? Is your student planning to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremonies on May 11th and 12th? If so, the Office of the Registrar would like to share some important information and details related to Commencement that will assist you in planning for this important day of celebration.

Students who have formally applied to graduate can participate in the commencement ceremony. In order to have their name listed in the spring 2018 commencement program, students must have applied by the final deadline of April 6th. Once a student has submitted their application for graduation, a review of their academic record is completed to determine if all the degree requirements have been, or will be, met. A degree is only awarded after a student has satisfied all degree requirements. Students who do not meet all degree requirements in the term, will have their application for graduation automatically moved to the next available term. Students who meet all degree requirements and formally graduate typically receive their diploma in 10-12 weeks following commencement.

Ceremony schedule information, including the day, time, and location for each of the College ceremonies can be found on our website. Doors to the arena open an hour prior to the start of the ceremony, so please plan your travel and parking accordingly. Each ceremony will also be live-streamed for those who may be unable to attend in person. If you are unsure of which College your students’ major falls under, a list of all majors and their corresponding College can be found on the University’s main website under the Academics tab.

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Parent and Family Director Becomes Parent

Amelia Dodson

Allison Dodson, Director of Parent and Family has become a parent herself with the arrival of Amelia Anne Dodson. Weighing 7lbs. 5 oz. Ethan and Allison are overjoyed (albeit sleep-deprived) and are grateful for such a healthy baby girl. Congratulations Allison!


UREC Updates


Hello Parents!


University Recreation is hiring for summer and fall! UREC is looking for Facility Supervisors, Console Attendants, Publicity Programmers, Weight Room Attendants, and Lifeguards. Applications can be found at Applications can be submitted to Anna Lee Evans at the office of the Student Recreation Center.

*For more information visit

Outdoor Programs

Outdoor Programs is hosting a ton of awesome trips in April! Here are a few of the trips offered:

  • Intro to Rock Climbing: 4/14, Holloway Mountain, NC, $40/$45
  • Rafting and Caving Overnight: 4/14-4/15, Appalachians, $125/$140
  • Bouldering Day Trip: 4/15, Grayson Highlands, VA, $40/$45
  • Intro to Whitewater Kayaking, 4/20-4/22, Location TBD, $130/$150

*For the trip schedule and all things Outdoor Programs, visit

Club Sports

The Club Sports photo competition came end on April 6th. The printed and framed winning photograph will be unveiled at the Club Sports Banquet on Monday, April 30th.
Club Sports Illustrated is a great way to see what the club sports teams have been up to this semester. Subscribe to get email updates here.

*For more information visit

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Behind Door Number Three: Service and Gap Year Options

Career Development Peace corps

In my tenure at Appalachian State as a Career Counselor, I have noticed an increased interest, application, and commitment of students and alumni to pursue service/gap year options after graduation. Perhaps you share the same questions as many of today's students about service year options: what is a gap year? How will it help advance my student’s career? How will they afford to live during a service/gap year?

While the average service year program is one year, these programs can range from 3 months to 30 months. These programs, both domestic and international, provide individuals a chance to develop cultural competencies, build a professional skill-set, engage in meaningful work to build a resume and professional portfolio, and create personal and professional connections. You have probably heard of some of the major programs: Peace Corps, Teach For America, AmeriCorps, City Year, but in fact there are hundreds of other programs out there in areas such as environmental issues, education, poverty, disaster relief, health care, and much more!

Service year

In an effort to hear testimonials from individuals who have served in these varying programs and to assist students through the process of exploring gap year as an option, the Career Development Center has put on a number of programs and partnerships to ensure students have the knowledge and connections to pursue service year options. 

Each semester, the Career Development Center invites a representative from Service Year Alliance on campus for information sessions, panels, class presentations and one on one appointments with students to discuss domestic service year options and how to utilize their robust online program to search for programs that align with their personal and professional interest.

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Encourage your student to help save the planet!

Dont Throw it Away

The Appalachian & the Community Together (ACT) office is hosting it's annual Don't Throw it Away (DTiA) event May 5th-12th! DTiA is the collection of items that will be stored over the summer and sold at the Big Sale on Saturday, August 18th. Students can donate items and/or sign up to help with collections. It's a great way to give back and get service hours, divert waste from the landfill and raise money for local non-profits in the form of energy efficiency grants!

  • Items in decent condition are donated in residence halls by students (directly to Legends for off campus students or community members) the week before graduation.
  • Most anything is accepted, from shower caddies, lamps, futons, clean carpets and non-perishable food items!
  • Items are left in designated areas in each residence hall.
  • Items are collected nightly during the final exam period by wonderful volunteers. Volunteers are students, staff, and community members.

De-Stress Fest

De stress fest no pic.fw

Helping Transfer Students Alleviate the Stress of the End of the Semester

As the weather gets warmer and the end of the semester approaches, stress levels among college students usually rise. The end of the semester rush of papers and tests - along with the lure of graduation or summer break - can create frazzled nerves, caffeine overload, and long nights at the library.

What can you do to help your college student? Often times the best thing for a person who is stressed is to have someone available to listen. Don’t try to fix it and don’t judge, just listen with understanding. Help your student keep things in perspective - the world won’t end if they get a B instead of an A on a paper. Your student has been working hard all semester and this project or exam is just a piece of their final grade. Encourage them to talk to resources on campus if you get concerned. Appalachian offers students resources like our Counseling Center, Wellness & Prevention Services, The Writing Center, University Recreation, and tons of caring faculty and staff. This is also a great time to send your student a care package from’s the next best thing to a hug from you!

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April 19th is #iBackApp Day!

IBackApp Promo1

On April 19th, the entire Appalachian Community will rally together to celebrate the 5th Annual #iBackAPP Day! This is a 24-hour giving day to raise funds for The Appalachian Fund and The Parents Fund.

For more information on the day, visit We are still accepting #iBackAPP Champions, and we encourage you to participate in an #iBackAPP Event near you hosted by one of our many Alumni Association Chapters.

All are welcome to attend! Above all, be sure to make a gift to either The Appalachian Fund or The Parents Fund to make a difference for our students and this entire campus.

Thank you for supporting Appalachian and for helping our students pursue their endeavors!

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Interdisciplinary Studies (BA) – Individually Designed

CAS 50 year title

This self-designed degree is for students interested in multiple disciplines, or whose career dreams don’t fit the traditional division of academic subjects at the university. This degree track in the College of Arts and Sciences is housed in the Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies, which promotes creative, cross-disciplinary investigation of complex systems and problems.

The Interdisciplinary Studies (BA) – Individually Designed degree allows a selection of courses from two or more disciplines and is especially effective for students interested in emerging fields or who want to remain open to changing career plans. Many students select this major because they see a societal problem they want to help solve, or they are interested in an academic program not currently offered at Appalachian – or one not easily pigeon-holed in one discipline. Professors teaching the course Interdisciplinary Praxis (IDS 3150) will guide students in putting together a clear, defensible statement of their goals and developing a contract that consists of a minimum of 24 semester hours from chosen disciplines.

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