Sustained Dialogue at Appalachian State

Sustained DialogueThis year, we are celebrating Sustained Dialogue’s second year at Appalachian State! Sustained Dialogue is part of the international Sustained Dialogue Institute that prepares community members to deeply engage in difficult conversations ranging from race, gender identity, and religion to politics and various global challenges.

Students learn to listen deeply and engage in meaningful conversations in order to build a more cohesive, respectful and understanding campus community. All students, faculty and staff are given the opportunity to participate in Dialogue Circles of 8-15 members. Circle members meet consistently for 8-10 weeks. As the sessions progress, circle members focus on a particular area or topic with the goal of brainstorming ways to address or improve issues within our campus community.

Participation in Sustained Dialogue offers your student the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and develop essential leadership skills. In addition to participating in Dialogue Circles, all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend an Inclusive Leadership Workshop. This training will provide students with active listening and inclusive language skills which can only serve to improve their experiences at Appalachian State and in their future careers. Following the completion of a full training, students will be qualified to act as a moderator for future Dialogue Circles.

Involvement with Sustained Dialogue as either a circle member or student moderator is an invaluable opportunity for your student as they will develop the necessary skills to become effective and respectful leaders.

The spring 2017 Inclusive Leadership Workshop will be held Friday, January 27th – Sunday, January 29th. Meals are included and the workshop is free and open to all students, faculty, and staff, space is limited to 60 participants. The priority deadline is December 9th, so please encourage your student to sign up!

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