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How will you prepare for finals?

Final exams will be here before we know it! While it is always important to plan for this potentially stressful part of the semester, with all that is different and the additional challenges of working remotely, it’s even more important to make a plan this semester. The Student Learning Center (SLC) has the resources to help your student create a manageable plan to finish the semester strong.

The Final Exam Plan is available on the SLC website ( every semester and has been shown to be a great tool to help students stay on track in the final push. Directions on how to complete this form are on the handout, along with examples.

If your student needs additional information or support, encourage them to drop into the Peer Academic Coaching Learning Lab or sign up for a Peer Academic Coaching session, where they can meet with a peer academic coach to create a meaningful and workable plan.

Best of luck to your student these final few weeks!

Nov 12, 20

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