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Learning Abroad

In our increasingly interdependent world, gaining an international experience is a vital aspect of being a productive and responsible citizen. The careful selection of an education abroad program provides an invaluable, authentic, international perspective in students’ fields of interest. Studying abroad fosters personal and academic growth, and helps students build cultural understanding and language skills that many employers seek.

Appalachian offers various types of education abroad opportunities (opens in a new tab). Students are able to take advantage of the following international programs:

  • Faculty-Led (Short-Term) - Students at Appalachian can choose from a wide selection of international academic programs designed, led, and taught by Appalachian State faculty. Faculty members guide student groups through their international endeavor, and provide hands-on,  stimulating learning experiences fostering global awareness. Students have the opportunity to live and study abroad for 1-8 weeks in an academically enriching environment while earning Appalachian State academic credit (1-9 credit hours) which can be applied to their degree requirements. With the exception of some language programs, courses are taught in English.
  • Exchanges/Study Abroad (Semester, Year, or Summer) - Appalachian offers exchange and study abroad programs all over the world. Students have the opportunity to participate in programs through institutional partnerships, consortia, and affiliates. Studying abroad for an extended period provides in-depth integration and engagement both academically and culturally. A second language is not necessarily required as many international universities offer courses taught in English in various areas of study.

The key to a successful experience abroad is early planning regarding educational goals, language skills, and finances.

Other Education Abroad Opportunities

In addition to more traditional international education abroad opportunities, our office helps to facilitate international internships, international student teaching programs, and independent studies with an international focus, in collaboration with various departments on campus. Studying abroad benefits students academically, personally, and professionally. We invite students to take advantage of the international options available to them through the Office of International Education and Development (opens in a new tab) while studying at Appalachian State University.