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Life After Appalachian

Although your student may have just started their college career, many of you are concerned about employment prospects for your student after they graduate. Will there be jobs for them when they graduate? Will they have majored in something of value to employers and graduate schools? What skills are needed to survive in today’s job market? These are just some of the questions often asked by concerned parents and families.

What You Can Do As a Parent or Family Member

  • Encourage your student to explore more than one field.
  • Listen to your student to learn whats important to them and learn to separate what youd like to see them do from what theyd like to do.
  • Realize that every student has their own timetable. Some may be ready to make career decisions during their sophomore year, while others may not be ready until a later time.
  • Reflect and offer feedback on what you have observed with your student through the years (You really are good at, You really enjoyed it when you).
  • Encourage your student to begin in the first year to explore and plan for their career by utilizing the Career Exploration Center (opens in a new tab) and the Career Development Center (opens in a new tab).
  • Encourage your student to include an internship and other experiential education opportunities in their course of study.

Other Helpful Resources

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (opens in a new tab) provides career services to current and former Appalachian State students. From career counseling to job search tools, they offer many resources to help you launch and manage a successful and satisfying career.

Internship Office

The Internship Office (opens in a new tab) provides students with a resource for information regarding internships. An internship combines work and learning in a possible career field, offers on-the-job training, and is a great resumé builder. Students may call to make an appointment with the Internship Resource Counselor.

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