Health Insurance Requirements

Any student meeting three specific criteria are required to show evidence of an existing “creditable coverage” health insurance policy OR enroll in the UNC system-wide plan. The three criteria that invoke the requirement to have health insurance and also define a student as eligible to enroll in the system-wide student health insurance plan are:

• enrollment in a degree-seeking program, AND

• enrollment in a minimum of 6 credit hours, AND

• eligibility to pay the campus student health fee.


Any student meeting all three criteria above who has an existing creditable coverage health insurance policy is able to waive out of the UNC system-wide plan easily and quickly online. No paperwork is required. A student who meets the three criteria above is automatically enrolled in the UNC system-wide plan each semester and is obligated for the cost of the plan for that semester--unless the student submits a waiver request that is successfully verified as creditable coverage. The UNC system-wide plan’s premium is included in the cost of attendance used for financial aid consideration.


For more information about this policy and for a link to the opt out site, visit and click on the “Student Insurance” tab at the top of the page.


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