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While many universities use the above term to describe themselves, we at Appalachian truly feel we are a family that cares deeply about each other in a way that is unique to Appalachian. We are glad that you and your student are members of our family.

We understand that no one knows your student better than you, so we want this educational experience to be a collaborative one. We expect you to be engaged with campus life and the surrounding community and we will provide you with the appropriate information and resources you need to become a partner with Appalachian.

We noticed during orientation that your student may call you regarding classes or other academic advice. Your guidance may also be sought out about grades, student employment, internships or even significant others. Our office thinks this is a great thing if you are equipped with the right resources. There are other resources that will benefit you and we hope that you will familiarize yourself with this site and those resources it provides.  One resource you need will be the Parent Access to Student Information.  Please talk with your student about providing your parent access through the Parent Portal.

As a parent or family member of an Appalachian student, you're automatically considered a member of the Parent & Family Association. It's free; there are no membership fees. Stay informed of issues and programs affecting your Appalachian student.

You’ve always been a part of your children’s and family’s education and we expect you to stay involved. This is a family investment in their future. You volunteer at a university-sponsored event, help sustain Appalachian State University through fundraising, or continue being that energizing advocate for the University, you have the unique opportunity to become a stakeholder in every Mountaineer’s future.

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Please help us keep our records up to date. If you need to make a correction to your email or home address, please email Allison Dodson at dodsonas1@appstate.edu, or have your student update this information through their AppalNet account.

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