Internship Success

Career Development

As parents you might be preparing to miss your student while they are away this summer completing an internship. Others of you might be welcoming your student home for an internship in your local community.

To encourage internship success, here are tips we share with your student:

Stay focused on your academic goals.
Read your syllabus carefully; adhere to the assignments and deadlines given to you by your AppState faculty supervisor.

Take initiative on site.
Introduce yourself to the staff and acquaint yourself with procedures. Be gracious, engaging and interested in what each person is contributing to the goals of the organization. Be eager to assist.

Capitalize on the fact you are a student.
Soak up everything you can. Ask to be included. Dress professionally every day. Seek a mentor. Reach beyond your comfort zone to learn new things and meet new people. Prove yourself and cultivate long-term professional relationships.

Represent yourself and Appalachian State well.
Be recognized as a person with integrity and a strong work ethic. Stay clear of office gossip, politics and cliques. Do what needs doing with enthusiasm and a positive attitude no matter how exciting or menial the task and learn how the small tasks fit into the big picture. Communicate respectfully and professionally in speaking and in your e-mail/social media correspondence.

Serve the mission of your internship site.
Engage in their culture and their goals. Pay attention to how ideas are shared, how decisions are made, how tasks are accomplished, and how success is evaluated.

Recognize your emotions.
Initially, you will be exhilarated. Later some of the excitement can wear off. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in your internship. If you are being underutilized, take initiative to ask for more responsibility.

For more information on internships, how they can benefit your student, and to see examples of some of the opportunities students have had access to through an internship, visit or have your student schedule an appointment at the Career Development Center to meet with a counselor and discuss opportunities for their future!